We are currently working on the history of the band. We have some old photos and a couple of longstanding members, but as yet we have very little documentary evidence to write a concise history, we have one or two interesting documents which give firm dates but otherwise this account is based mainly on verbal reminiscence.

Browse through the articles below and if you have any interesting information on the band, recognise any howlers in the blogs or have photos, old newspaper clippings, a funny story or you have a relative who was a member, then we would love to hear your story.

Thomas Henry Hughes and his Invicta Brass Band – 1895

We understand that the band was first formed in 1895 as the ‘Invicta Brass Band’ and therefore suggest we can boast the title of the oldest surviving Village band in Kent.

It was founded by Thomas Henry Hughes of whom we have little information at the present but we are currently engaged in some research. We have a few photographs, this being the earliest.

Presentation Purse – June 1914

“To Mr T.H.Hughes, We your friends of East Peckham and Neighbourhood wish to mark our appreciation of the great service you have rendered to this district in the forming of the “Invicta” Brass Band, and also of the way you have carried same on:

You have also been one of the foremost to further any movement for the benefit of the district.

We wish to express our deep regret that you are leaving for New Zealand, also to wish you every success, good health and prosperity in the future: and ask the acceptance of the accompanying purse as a slight token of our esteem and regard.

– June 1914”

Nelson City Brass

I have recently made contact with Nelson City Brass in New Zealand on a hunch that when our first Musical Director, Thomas Henry Hughes, emigrated there he may have been connected in some way, Nelson City Brass are one of the oldest bands in NZ being founded in 1857 and one of their old photographs show them marching in 1932 wearing the very distinctive uniform Tom Hughes senior is wearing in the picture here.

Bert Acott – 2nd Musical Director

The baton was handed to Bert Acott in 1914 and presumably they carried on throughout WW1 when this, the earliest photograph of the Invicta band uniform was taken in 1917.

Keith Johnson – Musical Director (1965 – 2012)

Keith joined the band in 1946, as a beginner in the trombone section until being drafted into National Service in the Royal Air Force. Following discharge in 1952 he resumed playing and with the benefit of professional tuition, progressed over the years to lead trombone, a position held until 1965.

Keith became the conductor in 1965 at short notice following the emigration, to Australia, of ex Royal Marine Band Master David McCaffrey. Keith’s only qualification at that time for being the conductor was that he was the tallest so could be seen.